AJ’s Make A Wish Magical Disney Cruise – Night 1 – Day 1

AJ’s MAW – Night 1 – Day 1

Well, we started the journey on Jan. 31 Saturday night. A hummer limo picked us up at our house despite terrible weather and delivered us safely to the hotel at the airport.

Everyone was surprised to see a hummer limo, but with the weather so bad and us being out in the boonies, it made sense. The boys thought it was awesome, but wished it had come with candy! Kids, what can you do? Everything is better with candy I guess. 🙂 LOL

We were up bright and early the next morning to set off on the next leg of our adventure – to the airport. We went through security and boarded the plane on time arriving in sunny Orlando FL by 10:00. After that we waited to catch a shuttle to Port Canaveral and the Disney Wonder! Woohoo!

The Castmembers there treated us very well and put us into the Castaway Club line eventually taking us right from there directly onto the ship without having to wait or any delays. It was really awesome. Once onboard we ate lunch at the Beach Blanket Buffet on deck 9 while waiting to get into our stateroom.

Upon entering the stateroom we found some surprises. Our MAW host onboard the ship was Blair and he left AJ a Captain Mickey animal to say hello. We also had some special treats from our MAW angels back in Indiana. Some yummy chocolate treats and sparkling apple cider. After enjoying the treats and unpacking a little bit, we headed out to the Mickey pool for a quick swim before the mandatory lifeboat drill.

Quick trivia for you: (Did you know that Disney had to get special permission to use yellow lifeboats?) It’s true. They are the only ship allowed yellow lifeboats. All others are orange.

Let’s see….after the lifeboat drill we went back to our room and got changed for our first night at dinner, which was at Parrot Cay, Table 4. But WAIT! We had to go to the going away party on decks 9 and 10! It was a lot of fun. I got christened by an excited gull (icky), but it was great to see the ship head out to sea.

Port Canaveral

Right after this the bird crapped in my hair! 🙂 Fun, fun!

Ok, then we went to dinner….there we met our servers that would follow us every night onboard ship. They were awesome btw. The service at Disney is first class all the way. The cleanest place I’ve ever been and the nicest. I never saw a CM without a smile and a kind word.

Ok, I would like to say we whooped it up the first night and went to the Superbowl party onboard, but AJ and Chris were so exhausted from not sleeping the previous night they were out like a light after dinner. Austin had gone off to the teen club, so I read my book. 🙂 LOL

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures…or not…ahead!

Thanks for reading this and being with us through every moment.

Christy Marks



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  1. I just ran across that you had my website linked on yours, thank you so much. It truly means the world!
    All my love to Aj, he looks like he had an incredible time on his Make a Wish.

    Surviving 4 Tyler
    Jessica Rogers

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